We have taken the decision under the current national emergency and Covid-19 pandemic, 
to only offer a service which keeps both us and our customers as safe as we possibly can.  
This means as little contact as possible between everybody concerned.

What extra precautions are you taking to help stop the transmission of Covid-19 ?
  • Russ uses a 70% alcohol hand sanitiser and a mask whilst collecting and returning your dog.  Crates are cleaned thoroughly with an anti-viral vet preparation between dogs.
  • Dogs are group walked using a buddy system.  Dogs will only walk with their group and are not mixed outside of this group.  Some dogs will remain on individual walks for the time being.
  • Each dog has it's own dedicated lead which is kept in a sealed bag between walks.  This will never be used on another dog.
  • We currently use 'one use' biodegradable water bowls for drinks on walks.
  • All dogs are kept on a lead at all times as per guidance so there is no contact with other people on the walk.
  • Dogs are sprayed with a safe anti-viral spray on return.

How will you collect my dog ?
  • All dogs are currently collected from outside of the house where possible.  If this is not possible then dogs are collected from inside the house from a room where the owner is not present.  Russ will contact the owner just prior to arriving and the customer will put the dog into the garden / separate room where Russ will collect from once the owner has gone.  
  • There will be no direct contact with customers on collection or drop off.

Where will you walk my dog ?
  • Group walks will usually be taken to the Wyre Estuary Country Park.  Individual dogs are walked from their homes to a local green space where available.  
How long will my dog be walked for?
  • Group walks are approximately one hour.
  • All individual walks are currently a minimum of 30 minutes but will be longer where possible when travel times permit.  Each walk is around 2 - 2.5 miles depending on the speed of your dog.  

Why are you being so cautious ?
  • We decided that we would do our best to protect our customers and ourselves by working within Government guidelines.  We have many older customers and also people who are self isolating who have their dogs walked by Rumbles.  By keeping the contact between customers, dogs and the public to the very minimum, we are protecting everybody the best we can.  By having no contact with customers, we are protecting them and us from having to self isolate should anybody along the chain test positive for Covid-19.

Last updated 24.06.20