Initial Home Visit

Before walking your dog for the first time we will arrange a home visit to discuss your requirements.  There is no obligation to book an appointment.

We will take some basic details regarding your dog and discuss your dog walking preferences.


Dog Walking

Dogs are walked for one hour in a group of no more than 6 dogs with a maximum of 4 dogs per walker.  Individual dog walks may be arranged for those dogs who prefer their own company.  Dogs will be kept on the lead initially and until written off lead consent consent is given by the owner.

We will collect your dog from your house and walk them at a variety of locations in the local area.  At the end of the walk we will return your dog who will be toweled down and will have their paws wiped.  We will ensure that they have water and are comfortable before we leave them to dream about their walkies. 

If you are a multi dog household please contact us to discuss rates.

Sorry but we do not walk bitches who are in season.

£  8.00
£  7.00

per walk
per walk for additional (same family) dog
weekly rate Mon - Fri

per 60min walk for a private walk
per 30min walk for a private walk

Puppy Visits

FY5 area only

A puppy visit is a 30 minute visit during which time we will clear up any accidents and replace soiled bedding, attend to food and water if required and provide play and stimulation for your puppy.  Once you puppy is old enough to be allowed out into the big wide world we will provide a short appropriate walk for young bones.

Puppies will require visits as follows:

every 2 hours
every 3 hours

£  7.00
£ 12.00
£ 20.00

per 30 minute visit
2 x 30 minute visit
3 x 30 minute visit

Comfort Break Visits

FY5 area only

A comfort break is a 15 minute visit where we will let your dog out to relieve itself ensuring we clean up any mess produced.  We will then return your dog and leave them secure and comfortable for your return.

£  6.00
per 15 minute visit
Home Cat Visits
A home cat visit is a 15 minute visit which is tailored to your specific needs.  During this time we can provide food, water, medication, attend to litter trays, play and always lots of cuddles in any combination you require.
£  6.00
per visit for cats - 15 minute visit

 Prices increased: 01.10.2014

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